Finding inspiration

As I’ve been learning how to use the features and functions of my camera, I’ve been trying to find my inspiration of what to photograph. Some days it just hasn’t been in me to go search out different things to take pictures of. Other days, I can’t wait to get out there. Much of it is dependent upon what else I’ve got going on in my life. That being said, I do try to find a way to take pictures of some sort every day. I don’t always succeed. When I do go out and shoot, often I go out with only the sole purpose of using the camera. No subject or destination in mind.

So, when I’m doing this, where do I find my inspiration? Lots of places, actually. I spend a lot of time reading other photography blogs, like those of Chase Jarvis, Zack Arias, Catherine Hall and Scott Bourne, to name just a few. I also get a lot of inspiration from 500px. These photographers, as well as those on 500px, provide me with a variety of different subjects, themes and ideas that often make me think, “Can I make pictures like that too?” Not that I want to duplicate their pictures, but how can I capture the same mood, ambiance or lighting?

Some days my inspiration is simply my 3 (almost) year old daughter. Just watching the delight she gets from such simple things and how she looks at the world just amaze me. Thinking about how I can capture how she see’s the world inspires me to try different angles or even camera settings. As an adult, it’s hard to get into the mind and point-of-view of a child.

Other days my inspiration comes from the day itself. If it’s a beautiful cool day, especially in the fall, it’s very easy to see very picturesque scenes (in my head). Capturing those is proving to be a much more elusive feat than I ever dreamed. But, I’d much rather be outside in that weather and failing at capturing a good image than being stuck inside doing most anything.

So, what gives you inspiration? What do you do on those days you just can seem to find inspiration?

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