Personal Photo Critique

You’ve heard them all: everyone’s a critic, you’re always harder on yourself, etc. Mostly true, I believe. But you have to start somewhere, and where better to start than being a critic of your own art? So, one of the things I will do from time to time, is post a personal critique of some of my work here. I invite anyone else to post their (constructive) critiques (NOTE: I will delete any comments that are just plain rude and derogatory. This is not a forum for such).

Yellow flowers and a lonely path

Follow the Pathway

My “Follow the Pathway” picture was taken recently during one of my lunchtime walks. I wanted to convey a feeling that this path could take you away anywhere, and also capture the different colors and textures that I imagined and saw in person.

This is my post-processed image. I enhanced the sky a bit because the clouds were blown out (I could have probably made that better by utilizing Graduated Neutral Density filter. However, I don’t own one yet). I also did some additional saturation to the grass. Some have said that the sky especially doesn’t look real. To an extent, I must agree. I think that If I were to go back and re-edit, I would tone down the blue a little. I would still want to make sure the clouds were visible, as that was one of the main reasons for taking the picture.

As I look at it now, I think I would want to edit out the dead foliage a bit in the foreground, as they are a bit distracting. If I were to retake the photo, I might change the composition some to remove the trees in the upper right-hand corner. I could also accomplish that somewhat with a crop I suppose, but I wanted to preserve the bridge. I believe the bridge plays an important part of the picture as a whole.

Another change I would probably make would be to get down even lower to the ground. I did kneel down for this picture, but once I got home and looked at it again, I thought to myself, “I wonder if this could have been better if I had gotten down further onto the ground.” Perspective is everything!

Overall, I like the general concept of this photo, but would certainly change the composition a bit.

What do you think? I welcome your comments and suggestions. I enjoy learning how to make my photography better.

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