Abstract and Architectural Photography

A couple of my favorite subjects to photograph are architecture and cityscapes. For me, these  are also difficult subjects to photograph and actually make look good. Many of us have been there: you’re out and about and come across a spectacular building or an object that just screams at you to take a picture. So, you take that picture and then, when you return home and upload it to your computer it isn’t at all what you had in your mind. Many times that is me. As an amateur photographer, I still struggle to get that vision in my head into the frame on my camera. Thankfully, some of the things I envision, I can fix in post. Others, well, let’s just say I need to revisit those locations and try again.

Marble Wall

I had the occasion to visit a local museum and captured a few shots. I was hoping to have time to take more, but it wasn’t to be. Anyway, I’ve included two of the shots I took. One is a shot of a large marble wall, the other is a shot (or an attempt) of the interior from the second floor.

For the marble wall, the picture was taken from the second floor using my standard 18-55mm lens. The shot was looking down towards the floor.

The atrium shot was also from the second floor looking towards the observation station in the museum.

I welcome any feedback on ways you feel these shots could be improved. For the marble wall, I was attempting to make it seem somewhat industrial and abstract. For the second, I wanted to show the sweeping curved ceiling. I changed it to black and white so that the focus was not on the brightly colored walls. ATRUIUM

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2 thoughts on “Abstract and Architectural Photography

  1. I really like your architectural shot. You’ve lined things up straight and it’s really showing the architecture well. Love it in black and white too. 🙂

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