New project started

I decided this year to work more on finding creative things to photograph and creative ways to photograph things I see. Also, I wanted to make myself take photos everyday, either with my DSLR or mobile phone. By doing so, I should improve my photographic skills and hopefully force myself to think differently about what I’m photographing. To that end, I have decided to do a 365 project. At a minimum I will take on photograph each day. I may not upload each day, but I will try to do so. You can visit my current 365 project here.


Denim texture

I hope that in addition to becoming a better photographer, I will also become a more discerning photographer and not have to take as many shots to get that one that I like.

I will still post to my blog as well, as this is a different forum and will allow me to share things with a wider audience.

This picture is one of the latest entries on my 365 project page. It is a close up of the blue jeans I was wearing that day. I wanted to see what I could capture detail wise and also work on some post processing skills. For this one, I adjusted the coloring a bit to make the denim look more faded that it really was.

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